Brad Pitt’s Pendant Necklace

A special offering from Thunder Design

DIDI THUNDER designed and imported the pendant necklaces, one of which was purchased and has been worn by Brad Pitt. These pendants, based on the design of traditional Tibetan ritual implements, are important talismans and protectors.  

About the talisman pendants

Dorje means "diamond" in Tibetan.  But the dorje of Tibetan Buddhist iconography is a scepter-like object (faithfully reproduced on the pendant) used in tantric rituals. It is regarded as a “thunderbolt of wisdom,” the chief implement of the Buddhist characteristic of “skillful means.”  

Crossed Dorjes, or Double Dorjes, are worn for protection from negative influences and misfortune, and this pendant acts as a reminder to practice skillful means in daily life -- leading one to the path of enlightenment and wisdom. The fully enlightened mind, the mind of a Buddha, is indestructible and indivisible, for it is invulnerable to any kind of mental defilement.  

DORJE WITH PHURBA:  Brad Pitt was wearing this pendant (and nothing else…) in the photo spread in the June, 2004 issue of Vanity Fair.  In this piece, a dorje is crossed with a phurba, or ritual dagger, which is regarded in Tibetan Buddhism as the “slayer of ignorance.”  The three facets of the phurbu’s pyramidal blade represent the transformation of ignorance, attachment (desire), and aversion (hatred or fear) -- into an enlightened state of mind.  

Brass Dorje Purba

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Gold Double Dorje

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Silver Dorje & Dorje Phurba

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