Tibetan Handknotted Rugs

The rugs shown here are made of 100% Tibetan wool, sheared from Tibetan sheep grazed in high Himalayan pastures. This wool yields an uncommonly lustrous and durable wool that is described by experts as ideal for rugs. These lanolin-rich fibers are hand carded and handspun into yarn, then are professionally dyed with natural (vegetal) or environmentaly safe, Swiss clarient  dyes, in a broad spectrum of colorfast shades. Some rugs feature silk highlights woven into the designs.  

Thunder Design offers an unusual variety of western and traditional Tibetan designs. I can work with you to craft an original design or custom size to fit your needs.

Four densities of knot counts are available – 40-knot (a new product), 60-, 80- and 100 knots per square inch. Higher knot counts result in a more intricate motif.  

Please contact me directly for prices and more design options.     


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